The Woods are a location in JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island.


There are three entrance sizes to open the cobwebs and trees that have faces with anguished expressions on them. The characters as cameos are Pierre, Casey. Eleanor, Kisha, and CJ. The boat sails between the two trees and under the bridge. Repsac sometimes appears to ask the player a riddle.

Entrance Sizes


Characters as Cameos

The characters as cameos are from JumpStart Preschool and JumpStart 2nd Grade.

Trees in the Woods


There is also a boat on the island. The user sails across two activities and seeing CJ. The Mutant Swamp and the Pirate Ship are sailing across when CJ appears.

Information Gravestone

An Information Gravestone is by the boat.



JumpStart 4th Grade - Walking around Haunted Island03:52

JumpStart 4th Grade - Walking around Haunted Island

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