Tic Tac Ratso is an activity in JumpStart Math for Second Graders. It is designed to teach equation solving skills and arithmetic at a second grade level.



Tic Tac Ratso is the final challenge that the player must complete to win the game, and it is only unlocked once the player has freed all five of the royal subjects and collected 100 bravery points.

The activity takes place at a tower with nine spaces that form a 3x3 grid. The five royal subjects and Ratso's four henchmen are present, and each one occupies a space in the tower. The player and Ratso take turns trying to occupy spaces. Whoever is first to occupy three spaces in a row (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) wins.

The player or Ratso must first choose a space by selecting one of the occupants. Equations are listed on a banner on the tower, and the selected occupant says what they think the answer to the equation is. Then the chooser must decide if the occupant's answer is true or false. If the chooser is correct, they will occupy the person's or rat's space.

Digital manual description

2m tic tac ratso manual

Digital manual image

You've freed all five Royal Prisoners? Great work! Did you and CJ earn enough bravery points along the way, so CJ can challenge Ratso?

  • Check your total points in the shield located on the toolbar. If you have 100, you're on your way to the challenge!.
  • If not, revisit the games to earn more points.

When you enter, Ratso has one more challenge for you. A little game of "Tic Tac Ratso." All you have to do is decide whether the person occupying the square has given the correct answer to the Princess's question. If you're right, you get the square. After your guess, Ratso gets a try. Your goal is to occupy three squares in a row.

  • Click on a square you wish to occupy.
  • Read the Princess's question and listen to the person's answer.
  • If you think that the answer given is right, click True.
  • If you think that the answer given is wrong, click False.

Whoever gets three squares in a row wins!

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