Time Guards is an activity in JumpStart Math for Second Graders. It is designed to teach time skills at a second grade level.


Sometimes the doors in the castle become locked. In order to unlock the door, the clocks must be set to the correct time. The Princess will say a clue that indicates what time the clocks should be set to. Some clocks are analog, and some are digital. The arrow buttons around the clocks are used to change the time. Once the time is correct, the door will open.

Digital manual description

2m time guards manual

Digital manual image

Some of the rooms and passages are guarded by locks. Can you open them? Have a good time!

  • Listen carefully to the time clue.
  • For the digital clocks you'll need to use the arrows above and below the numbers to get a higher or lower one. On the analog clock, you'll need to use the two controls. The hands will only move clock-wise, but the button with two arrows can help you speed things up a bit.
  • SKILLS: Telling time.


  • This Ratty Challenge is the only challenge that won't transport CJ to the dungeon if the wrong answer is given.
  • This Ratty Challenge is the only challenge also featured at the castle gates (digital clock form with the arrows above and below the numbers) as an entrance test

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