The Toy Box is an activity in JumpStart Preschool (1999). It is designed to teach phonics at a preschool level.



Cecil and the Preschool Gang need help picking up the scattered toys and putting them back in the toy box.


At the beginning of the activity, a few toys are scattered on the classroom floor. Cecil will instruct the player to find a toy that begins with a certain phonetic sound. Kisha, Pierre, and Eleanor will each say a word that begins with the same sound. Then the player must choose the toy that also begins with that sound by clicking on it. Casey will say the name of that toy out loud when the player clicks on it. Then the player must click on the toy box to put the toy away. After the toy is put away, Casey will state which letter the name of the toy begins with, and hold up a piece of paper with that letter. If the player chose incorrectly, the toy will bounce out of the toy box and back onto the floor. Once all of the toys are put away, the player earns a train ticket.

Difficulty level differences

  • Level one: Only basic consonants are featured.
  • Level two: All of the other consonants not in level one are featured.
  • Level three: Only vowels are featured.

Digital manual description

Pre99 toy box manual

Digital manual image


Look at all of these toys! Your JumpStart friends need your help putting them back into the toy box.

  • Cecil will tell you which phonic sound to listen for.
  • Kisha, Pierre and Eleanor will each say a different word that starts with the same sound.
  • Listen for the letter sound that the three words begin with.
  • Click on the toy that begins with the same sound and drag it to the top of the toy box. To drop it in just click again! Keep going until you have put away all the toys.


  • Level 1 teaches basic consonant sounds.
  • Level 2 teaches the phonics from all of the other consonants.
  • Level 3 teaches the vowels.

Educational Benefits

Your child practices phonics.

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