The Trash Can is an activity in JumpStart Preschool. It is accessed by clicking on the trash can in the Classroom. It is designed to reinforce counting skills for preschoolers.


In this activity, the player must assist a talking trash can by giving it the items that it wants. The trash can will ask for a certain kind of garbage on the ground, such as paper bags or bottles. The player must feed all of that kind of garbage to the trash can. The trash can will count how many items it has collected. Once the player has finished cleaning up all of one kind of garbage, the trash can will move on to a different kind of garbage.

Once all of the trash has been cleaned up from the yard, the trash can will make a puppet with the garbage.

Difficulty level description

  • Level one: The player works with quantities of 1-3.
  • Level two: The player works with quantities of 3-5.
  • Level three: The player works with quantities of 5-7.

Digital manual description

Learn about quantity by cleaning up trash.

Click on the Trash Can underneath the welcome sign to play the Trash Game. The purpose of this game is to learn about numbers by picking up objects and throwing them away. When the game begins, the Trash Can will ask you to feed it trash. Click on the Piece of Trash that the Trash Can wants, drag it to the Trash Can lid and click again to drop it. The piece of trash will fall into the Trash Can. The goal of this game is to put all of the pieces of trash that the Trash Can wants to eat into the Trash Can. Once you have correctly thrown away the trash, you will be rewarded with an adorable Trash Monster animation.

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