Travel Tokens are objects that appear in JumpStart Around the World.


Travel Tokens are used to pay for the transportation needed to take trips to different countries. The toolbar shows how many travel tokens the player currently has. Up to ten travel tokens can be carried at a time. If the player is starting a new game, they will begin with ten travel tokens.

When the player is at the travel menu, each mode of transportation shows how many travel tokens are needed to pay for it. The prices are as follows:

  • One travel token: Train and glider
  • Two travel tokens: Boat, plane, submarine, hot air balloon
  • Three travel tokens: Blimp, scooter

When the player runs out of travel tokens, they must play the Travel Agency Game to get more. When the player completes the activity, they will be awarded any number of travel tokens between 1 and 10 based on their score.


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