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Ursulab is a location that appears in JumpStart Reading for Second Graders. It is an ancient lost city.


Ursulab looks like a large colorful kingdom. There are several pillars with drop-shaped jewels around the city wall. There are a variety of buildings inside.

In the Game

CJ and Edison are on a quest to find Ursulab. Many scientists and archaelogists have tried to find it before, but none have succeeded. CJ and Edison find a special tablet in a ruin that holds the secrets of Ursulab. They must collect rubies and diamonds to uncover Ursulab's secrets. Each diamond holds a spirit of one of Ursulab's five elders, and the rubies are required to give the diamonds power. The elders, one by one, tell of Ursulab's history.

Long ago, a rumor spread that there was treasure in the city. A hoarde of thieves invaded the city looking for the treasury. The elders tried to tell them that there was no treasury, but the thieves wouldn't listen. The elders turned themselves into five jewels and allowed the thieves to take them in order to protect the city. However, the city can't exist without the elders. As the thieves took the jewels out of the city, Ursulab and all of its inhabitants disappeared. 

At the end of the game, CJ is able to restore Ursulab. One of the elders says that he'll give CJ a library card for Ursulab's library, for that is where the true treasures lie.


  • Ursulab is mistakenly spelled as 'Ursalab' in one of the activities.

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