The video voyages are a reward in JumpStart Languages. It takes place in the Expo Hall and is hosted by CJ and, to a lesser extent, his best friend Edison. The player can get there either by having earned his or her fourth globe piece in any pavilion and automatically getting sent there, or by going to the Expo Hall and clicking on the globe sculpture.

Every country choice is represented by an icon of each pavilion character from left to right: Roxy for the United States, Hiroshi for Japan, Serafina for Mexico, and Chloe for France. Clicking on either icon will take the player to any list of video voyages from that country.

In each area, there is the following categories, and those videos are filmed in live-action, with CJ talking about it over what is going on:

  • Music and Singing
  • Clothes
  • Landmarks- Mt. Fuji for Japan, the Mayan Temple for Mexico, the Eiffel Tower for France, or the Statue of Liberty for the United States.
  • Holidays and Festivals- Thanksgiving for the United States, a fiesta for Mexico...
  • Transportation - Simply lots of roads for the United States, three choices (a taxi, car, or walking) for Mexico, and a bullet train for Japan
  • Animals
  • Sports and Games - American football, basketball, and baseball for the United States, martial arts for Japan (though like in the United States area, its icon is represented by a baseball and glove), soccer for Mexico, and a biking sport called the Tour de France for, well, France.
  • Daily Life - This has to do with food eaten in certain countries, whether it's a hamburger-and-hot-dog picnic in the United States, sushi in Japan, corn tortillas ("which are best when they're homemade") in Mexico, and French bread ("baked fresh") in France.

Any videos never watched are in gray (or, rather, white and different shades of unsaturated purple), while those earned and watched are in color.


With the "Clothes" sections of the video voyages, only the Samurai Helmet, which is in the "Japan" section, resembles the way it looked in the "Puppets of the World" game. Every other country's "Clothes" icon is represented by the way its kind of hat looks in the "Listen and Learn Story Maker" game.

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