World of JumpStart, originally called JumpStart 3D Virtual World, then simply JumpStart, and occasionally, is a massively multiplayer online game that was initially released on March 10, 2009. (However, the beta was released in 2008) Originally it was a single-player game, but on August 18, 2009, it was changed to support multiplayer gameplay.[1] It is currently JumpStart's main focus, and continues to expand and gain new features.

The game utilizes a game engine called Unity.

Gameplay Basics

At the beginning of the game, the player creates an avatar, called a Jumpee, which they can customize. Players can edit their Jumpeez' hair, eyes, mouth, skin color, clothing, and accessories. Then the player must choose a username with JumpStart's "Name Randomizer". The Name Randomizer allows players to choose words to create a safe yet unique name.

The Jumpee can be moved around the screeen with the arrow keys, or in some cases, the mouse. The player moves their Jumpee around to explore and go to different locations.

As the player explores the JumpStart world, they can meet different characters and play a variety of activities. The player can also take on missions assigned to them. Completing missions earns the player JumpStars and coins. The player moves up in rank by earning JumpStars. The player can also earn coins by playing activities or completing missions, which can then be used to make purchases.


  • Petz - Petz are creatures that can be adopted and played with.
  • Mythies - Mythies are mythical creatures that can be trained and raised.
  • Ridez - Ridez are vehicles that the player can use for transportation.






  • The game was renamed to World of Jumpstart in 2016.
  • JumpStart Junior was released in 2016 as a preschool counterpart to World of JumpStart.


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